Our Equipment


Our current tanker is a Hino CFA 2.4D type vehicle which carries 2,000lts of water. This provides our initial attack supply for any incident. The vehicle is also fitted with various other major features:

  • 'A' Class foam which increases the effectiveness of the water to allow us to extuinguish quicker while conserving water
  • Breathing Apparatus for crew safety within irrespirable atmospheres
  • Four Wheel Drive to allow access to difficult terrain. This type of vehicle is extremely capable in the bush considering their size
  • Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) to protect crew in the event of a vehicle rollover
  • Fibreglass Heat Shields to protect from radiant heat


Our current Rescue appliance is a CFA Medium body, on a Mercedes Atego cab chassis. This vehicle was provided to us in late 2011 by the CFA as a replacement for our previous rescue the brigade built with the support of the community. It is the first rescue provided to our brigade by the CFA instead of by community funds.

For any rescue incident Wandin Fire Brigade is called to respond to, this is the primary vehicle we will respond.

Some of the vital equipment carried on our rescue include:

  • Hydraulic Equipment ("Jaws of Life")
  • Medical Equipment (first aid, oxygen, defibrillator)
  • Equipment to stabilize a vehicle in an unstable position (eg, on it's side, roof etc)
  • Extensive lighting facilities
  • 15,000lb electric vehicle-mounted winch
  • PTO powered generator for 240v power, as well as powering the primary pump for hydraulic equipment


Our current pumper is a Mazda T4600 CFA Type II vehicle which carries 1,000lts of water. This provides a supplementary attack for any incident while we connect to a nearby hydrant. The vehicle is also fitted with various other major features:

  • Large pumping capacity to supply water to other appliances at large incidents
  • Breathing Apparatus for crew safety in smoke or chemical fumes
  • Basic rescue equipment
  • Light tower for night time incidents and training
  • Approximately 400 meters of hose